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So I just bought a Masterpiece of a t-shirt from a mall in Malacca. Just think, someone typed this up, said to themselves ‘yeah that looks like english’, slapped it on an iron-on and went to town. But wait, note the bolding of TROUBLERY, the 2-pt font difference of the lower text, the inexplicable switch to Times New Roman for the piéce de resistance. These little details require like 5 different clicks on Microsoft Word, that is some straight up effort staring out at me from under what looks like a bright red foam visor.

I could go on but that girl is very fuckhg angry indeed, probably because her professor layton popsicle doesn’t even have gumballs for eyes. What the fuck even Malaysia, gumball eyes are something you just don’t mess with. 


why does garfield actually hatemondays he has litearlly no job and he does fuck all anywway so why does he hate mondays so much they mean nothing to him   i forgot where this wasfirst brought up but im still contemplating it


when ppl you follow become sjws 

[ ひるなか\の流星 ]

"If someone tells me it’s wrong to hope, I will tell them they’re wrong every time. I could tell them that countless times."



animaniacs was ahead of its time

I have to remind myself and the angry fandom side of tumblr about this periodically or this damn website might implode

Rp blog for my original character Princess Tekki Kiraito. kawaii pixel Pictures, Images and Photos


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